The words of an enraged Tory youth

Monday, June 19, 2006

Entry number one

Frustration with the lack of interest in matters of politics shown my peers has recently become too much to bear. This, complemented nicely by anger at the current state of the UK and indeed the world, has necessitated my decision to join the revolution and start my literary career with an expedition into the world of blogging.

Inspired by some of my favourite blogs (, politicalbetting etc.), I have chosen to write political commentary. I seem to always have something to say but no audience; perhaps I can find one here.

I am an avowed Tory, and as such I suppose this blog is a Tory blog. Though I don't want it to be strictly political... oh well, I'm just going with the flow as it were.


Blogger Serf said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging.

As a Tory you will be welcome to join the community at Right Links ( At the very least, do submit your blog to the directory, so that other tory bloggers can find you.

You may also find our banner exchange a useful tool for you global conquest.

6:21 am

Blogger David Webster said...

Meet a likewise young tory blogger. Hello.

I got into blogging via the same frustration, so there you are.


5:25 pm

Blogger Praguetory said...

Best of luck with the blogging from one natural Tory to another.

10:15 am

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