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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Spirit of the Young Pretender

The Young Pretender, or Bonnie Prince Charlie as you may know him, is in no way a hero of mine. In fact, I regard him as more of a villain. This blog is titled not in his memory, but in reference to myself, a schoolboy who thinks he can blog with the big boys.

Speaking of Bonnie Prince Charlie...

I am currently residing in Scotland, and I regret to announce it is as you have always feared. The majority of Scots no longer see themselves as part of the union. When you ask the man on the street where he comes from, his answer is Scotland, not Britain. The response to this Caledonian nationalism south of the border is to fly the flag of St. George. I believe that this is the worst thing any Englishman could do.

Following devolution nationalism in Scotland has not been abated, it has increased. This has inevitably caused reactionary English nationalism, especially in light of the ever present West Lothian Question. The fact is that the current constitutional arrangements are breaking the United Kingdom apart. As I see it we have two choices: repeal the Scotland act or give England its own parliament.

Controversially, I would opt for the former.

Oh, the Scottish parliament may not seem too problematic now, but has anyone considered what will happen when Labour governs Scotland, and the Conservative party wins Westminster? What a mess! Bear in mind the Scottish executive does not set taxes but receives an allowance from Westminster. Can you really see a Tory government funding the people’s republic of Scotland? I can't.

The Scottish parliament has not benefited the lives of Scots either. All it has done is implement Labour's authoritarian policies for testing before they are rolled out in England (see: the smoking ban). It is a hotbed of corruption mainly due to the lack of attention it receives in general news; It adds a whole level of unwanted civil service bureaucracy, and most disturbingly it has created a new English nationalism that threatens to tear this country apart.

And what is Labour going to do to save the union?

English votes for English laws?
An English parliament?
Admit devolution was wrong?


Have a Scottish chancellor watch the England game


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