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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We Need Nukes

An underdressed Gordon Brown today gave a keynote speech on the Trident missile system, drawing criticism from, as usual, both right and left. What to do with Britain's independent nuclear deterrent has recently become the subject of a surprisingly lively debate. I say surprisingly because to me there is only one answer. Despite calls for disarmament from hardcore socialists, and dodgy promises to keep the current system from Brown, I am convinced that Trident needs to be replaced with a new nuclear system designed for the 21st Century.

Let's be honest, who are we deterring with out nuclear deterrent? The war we are currently waging around the world is not a war against an "evil empire" but against an abstract noun. However, the phrase war on "terror" is misleading. We, the British and Americans, are really involved in an ideological struggle against, yes I’m going to say it, Islam.

We are not fighting terror; we are fighting an ideology and a religion. This religion is not something abstract though, it is more concrete than even the term "Terror." Militant Islam is solidly personified by states such as our favourite new nuke club member, Iran. You may feel that I am building up to a defense of Mutually Assured Destruction between the west and Iran. Unfortunately for us, this is not possible.

How can we deter an enemy that isn't afraid of death? The Iranian government openly trains "Suicide Squads," and never misses an opportunity to encourage martyrs to lay down their life for Islam. Clearly, the deterrence that worked against the USSR is not going to work against states like Iran where death from an infidel's bomb is followed by eternity in paradise.

No, we may, in fact, have to use the bomb. We cannot keep sending troops to far flung corners of the globe. We cannot simply invade Iran; it would be a logistical impossibility. We can, however, develop a nuclear capability that can be deployed rapidly and pre-emptively. Tactical nuclear strikes may have to become the norm if we are to punch above our weight in the 21st century. Instead of deterrent weapons intended to reduce Tehran to rubble, we need weapons that can eliminate a threat (a nuclear facility, a terrorist camp) quickly and effectively. Trident's replacement will have to come soon and it will have to be radically different. But make no mistake, we need it.


Blogger Political Teenager said...

What right do we have to tell countries such as Iran that they can't develop nuclear weapons (which they have not done yet), when we are renewing our own system. It is ridiculously hypocratic. Reduction in their stocks would show

What we need is to promote gradual nuclear disarmament. The USA and Russia don't need nearly 5,000 each. With a gradual reduction they wil be no less of a treat but will show the world the way to go.

The only reason Iran would develop nukes is becuase Israel has them, so they need to defend themselves.

Look at countries like Libya, they started nuclear programmes solely so that they cold use it as a bargaining tool with the international community. The quickly agve up their right to in return for recognition on the world stage.

You say that now we are fighting a war on terror not against any one country, so what is the point in nuclear arms? If we were attacked it would take ages to work out where the attack came from and even then the country might not be responsible.

Think about it.

4:36 pm

Blogger David Webster said...

Disarmament is a must, not a good idea. Rusty nuclear missiles leaking wastage is a waste of money.

after the mutually assured destruction theory, why are nuclear arms so important?

5:28 pm

Blogger Political Teenager said...

i agree, i have a more detailled post here:

The not nuclear option.

6:01 pm

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