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Saturday, June 24, 2006

What on Earth Does 'Islamist' Mean?

Michael Gove makes some good points in an article on the fight against terrorism in today's Times. However, one thing about this, and other articles and discussion of this type still perplexes me. What do we mean by ‘Islamist?' Gove goes on and on about the dangers of Islamists, while sympathising with moderate 'Muslims.' Surely an 'Islamist' is one who follows Islam, a Muslim. So why do we make the distinction?

There is no good way to condemn the beliefs of one group and praise the beliefs on another when they base their beliefs on the same text. So instead of attacking that text, that initial set of beliefs, we are forced by convention and taboo to make a distinction where there really is none and fill our lexicon with meaningless PC words.

The bombings in London were not the fault of any one group of people, be they 'Militants,' 'Extremists,' 'Fundamentalists,' or just plain old 'Islamists.' The Muslim faith itself was the inspiration and provided the rationale behind the attacks.

The same could be said of the Christian sects and the Irish troubles. Without religion, neither of these attacks would have taken place. So why do we insist on censoring any direct criticism of religion?


Blogger dynamite said...

I don't really agree - it seems to me that religon is just one of the things that can fill the ideolgical gap in the minds of angry young men. Nature doesn't have a noted fondness for vacums after all.

I accept the case is different with 'Islamist' (which seems to just mean 'politically Islamic' terror, because the proponents are deriving justification for their acts from their faith, which the IRA/ unionist terrorists didn't (and couldn't) as far as I can tell.

7:44 am

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Anonymous CityBlue said...

The definition of Islamist is the political aspect of Islamic. All Muslims are Islamic but only those who wish to pursue political agendas based on the faith are Islamist.

10:58 am


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