The words of an enraged Tory youth

Monday, July 24, 2006

Israel+Arab Nations=Solution???

So Israel continues to bomb Lebanon because the of the threat of Hezbollah. Good. Hezbollah needs to be disarmed and the Lebanese army needs to regain control of the south. However, Hezbollah is supported by almost a third of the Lebanese government as well as Syria and Iran. So the chances of Hezbollah disarming are low without the use of strong force by Israel.

What's interesting about this threat is that a new alignment of forces and opinions is beginning to emerge. Hezbollah is a mainly Shiite group, and is supported by Syria and the arch-Shiite nation, Iran. Iranians are not Arabs, Shiites are predominantly un-Arabic, but the majority of the Lebanese, those who oppose Hezbollah, are Sunni Arabs. In fact, Arab nations (Jordan, Saudi et al) are AFRAID of Iranian and Shiite expansionism, and oppose Hezbollah. The 'bad guys' in the extended Mid East conflict are becoming more defined, not as just Muslims or islamists, but as the iran-headed Shiite groups and states.

Israel and the Arabs are both afraid of Iran; could we see the most bizarre alliance in history emerging?

just a thought.